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Soroptimist International of Europe

What do Soroptimists do?

Each year, Soroptimists design, fundraise for, and implement thousands of projects that benefit women and girls in their communities. To the extent that women’s needs across the world vary, Soroptimist projects vary as well. That said, all Soroptimist projects share three characteristics:

  • They address a local need
  • They are conceptualised and implemented locally
  • Their main purpose is to bring concrete improvement to the lives of women and girls

 Soroptimists work in five key areas of importance to women and girls:

  • Education
    building and refurbishing of schools, provision of school supplies, curriculum development, scholarships and mentoring, continuing education for migrant women, legal literacy training for women, lobbying for equality in education...
  • Economic Empowerment
    vocational training, business skills training, farming skills training, microcredit loans, childcare for job seekers, improved access to resources, lobbying for equality in employment…
  • Eliminating Violence Against Women
    building of shelters, building of protected courtrooms, counselling services, aid to victims of violence, anti-trafficking initiatives, lobbying for the elimination of violence against women…
  • Health
    building and refurbishment of hospitals, provision of medical supplies, nurse/midwife training, tests/screenings, education on reproductive health and rights, lobbying for improved health care…
  • Sustainable Environment
    building and refurbishment of sanitary facilities, sustainable farming initiatives, waste management, greening initiatives, lobbying for environmental sustainability…

 To find out more about recent Soroptimist International of Europe projects, click on the coloured points on the Interactive Map.