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Soroptimist Peace Prize

Soroptimist Peace Prize

The Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize is conferred every two years to honour people or organizations deserving special recognition for their remarkable achievements to promote peace. 

For ten years now, the Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize has awarded and, perhaps more importantly, celebrated the outstanding contributions of certain visionary women towards the establishment or maintenance of peace in their own communities and much further afield.


Soroptimist Peace Prize 2015 awarded to Dr Edit Schlaffer

Dr. Edit Schlaffer is an Austrian social scientist, writer and activist. As the founder of an international advocacy, public relations, and lobbying organization called Women Without Borders Dr. Schlaffer keeps coming up with creative ways to bring women into the security spotlight and to garner worldwide publicity for women who are fighting violence and terrorism. In 2008 Dr. Schlaffer launched the Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE) campaign, focusing Women without Border’s efforts to the security arena, organizing women (and men) internationally to participate in a research-based, family-centered counter-radicalization platform. Dr. Schlaffer led a three year research project Mothers for Change! in five countries experiencing violent extremism. Additionally, Dr. Schlaffer created the Mothers Schools model to empower mothers to recognize and respond to early warning signals of radicalization in their young adolescents.

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Soroptimist Peace Prize 2013 awarded to Judge Silvana Arbia

Silvana Arbia, born in Italy in 1952, former Registrar of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. She is the author of a book about her work in Rwanda “While the World was Watching”, for which she received the Levi award. Arbia has lectured and taught on several occasions on the topic of human rights, and has represented the Italian Ministry of Justice at seminars and conferences on trafficking, crime victims, and human rights violations.

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