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Soroptimists help provide access to better health and living conditions for women and girls

4 - Health

Soroptimists work hard to ensure women and girls have food security and access to the highest attainable standard of healthcare.

Our health-related projects involve the building and refurbishment of hospitals, the provision of medical supplies, nurse/midwife training, tests/screenings, and much else, depending on the needs of women in different communities.

Soroptimist priorities in the area of health also include reducing some of the causes of child mortality such as malnutrition, water-borne diseases, and access to primary healthcare.

As a ‘global voice for women’, we lobby actively for improved healthcare at the local and national levels in our own countries and communities, and promote education on reproductive health and rights.

Some recent HEALTH projects:

  • Soroptimists in Togo, together with Soroptimists in Monthey-Chablais in Switzerland are providing support to the neonatal unit of the Tokoin Hospital in Lomé, which is the only neonatal unit in Togo. Through financial and in-kind donations, they are helping alleviate the difficult conditions at this essential medical facility. The project has been running since 2009 and benefits 2,400 babies and their mothers each year!
  • Soroptimists in Lviv, Ukraine, together with Soroptimists from Denmark and Luxembourg, are supporting the only ward providing specialised medical care to children recovering from burns in the Lviv area of Ukraine. Since initiating the project in 2011, they have raised enough funds to renovate five hospital rooms, a dressing room, two restrooms, a laundry room, and a playroom for children! Each year, 450 children and 400 women benefit from this project.
  • Soroptimists in Ankara, Turkey, in collaboration with Gazi University, are providing training in the areas of nutrition, family planning, prenatal and postnatal care, new-born and child care, and care for the elderly. In addition to providing localised training in one of Ankara’s poorer districts, the project also ensures that even the most marginalised of populations in Ankara receive home visits by qualified nurses.
  • Soroptimists in Skjern-Tarm in Denmark are supporting Kawempe Home Care in Kampala, Uganda, which provides easy access to healthcare to people living with HIV/AIDS. Kawempe Home Care provides the community with information and education regarding the disease, trains health professionals and community volunteers on the basics of home care for family members, and fosters positive behavioural change to prevent the further spread of HIV.
  • Soroptimists from Cotonou Doyen in Benin together with Soroptimists from Vallauris-Sophia Antipolis-Mougins in France helped build sanitary facilities in Adounko, a coastal village in Benin which previously had no sanitation facilities or drinking water supply. This new facilities are currently benefitting 300 women. For the second phase of the project, a partnership was established with the Ministry of Health in Benin and the Municipality of Adounko to build a maternity ward. Previously local women had to travel long distances to a clinic to give birth, often suffering miscarriages, stillbirths or maternal death. The project is therefore seeking to save the lives of women and their babies during and after childbirth.